Maples Aesthetics Clinic Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

What is Botulinum Toxin?

Botulinum toxin is a naturally occurring protein produced by the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum. In apurified form,; as is the case with many drugs/medications such as Penicillin, Botulinum toxin is a very safe,effective treatment not only used in cosmetic clinics, but also for a number of medical conditions, includingmigraine and excessive sweating.

All botulinum toxins are prescription only medicines (POM) and can only be prescribed by doctors,dentists and nurses with the prescribing qualification, following a face to face assessment and consultation with the qualified prescriber.

Botulinum toxins contain albumin, which comes from human blood. No cases of contamination of licensed botulinum toxin products with infectious diseases have been reported.

How does it Work?

The toxin blocks the transition of chemical messages from the nerve to the muscle so that the muscle stays in a resting state for a period of 8 to 12 weeks on average. This may be only a partial reduction in movement allowing some remaining movement or a full block in which case there is very little remaining muscular movement in the area – this very much depends on the amount administered and location of product placement –treatment may be tailored to suit your individual requirements. Your expected treatment outcomes and whether they can be achieved will be discussed at the time of consultation.

Used to Treat

The aim of the licensed treatment is to significantly reduce the movement of the muscles causing expression lines specifically the frown and crow’s feet and worry lines on the brow may also be treated as an ‘off label indication. Successful treatment may not cause the expression lines themselves to disappear completely. It may not ‘completely freeze’ the expression, particularly if extreme effort is exerted to make an expression.

Botulinum toxin is not suitable for lines present without expression (static lines), your practitioner will advise you.Advanced and off-label indications include; horizontal brow lines, lip lines, chin ‘poppling’, muscles on the lower face and neck, to lift the mouth corners, improve the jaw line and the appearance of the neck. The ‘chewing muscle’ may also be treated to soften a square jaw or to prevent teeth grinding or jaw clenching at night.

How Long will it Last?

Results tend to last 3-4 months. Movement will begin recovering from 8 weeks. Frequent treatment at intervals of less than 3 months is not recommended. Repeating treatment when movement recovers will deliver optimum results over time. Frequency of treatments may be reduced according to the quality of your skin and your response to treatment. Should you choose not to maintain the results and not have further treatment, your muscles and skin will return to their pre-treatment state.

Does it Hurt?

A very fine needle is used and generally this treatment is not described by most as painful and can be well tolerated with no anaesthetic. Please request an anaesthetic cream or ice, if you are nervous about needles.

Before Treatment

It is important you tell your practitioner about any medicines or dietary supplements you are taking, some medicines can adversely affect the way the toxin works or increase your risk of bruising.

If you are taking supplements such as Vitamin A, C or E, Gingko Biloba, Garlic, fish oils, St. Johns Wort or some pain killing medicines such as aspirin or ibuprofen, then these can increase your risk of bruising and it may be advisable to stop taking them a few days before your treatment. It is also advisable that you do not drink alcohol the night before your treatment, for the same reason.

It is not advisable to have treatment if you are feeling at all unwell.

Make-up will need to be removed prior to the injections and you will be advised not to reapply it for 12 hours in order to reduce the risk of infection or irritation at the injection sites.

Be aware of the necessary after care advice and that your schedule allows for you to follow it.

Crow’s Feet 

These are sometimes referred to as “Crow’s feet”, and they refer to the creases or fine lines at the outer corner of the eyes, which are engaged whilst you smile or laugh, but with time can be pronounced even when you are not smiling. Anti-Wrinkle is very effective to relax the muscles engaged around the eye area when you smile, making the laughter lines much less noticeable, and creating a more youthful appearance.

Frontalis (forehead) and the Gabella (the frown)

These areas are treated together due to the nature of the muscles and for the best outcome and results. The lines and creases that form on expression of these muscles are aging. Not only are they ageing, they also can give a negative impression of frustration or annoyance. By using Anti-Wrinkle on Glabellar and Frontalis lines, their visibility is reduced, creating a fresh and youthful look.

Nose-tip Lift

Every former smoker can tell you just how hard it is to stop smoking cigarettes. However, there are a range of stop smoking commodities.

Jaw-line Slimming

Masseter reduction or jawline slimming for cosmetic purposes is a simple and effective procedure which is why it is so popular. This procedure involves the injection of Wrinkle Relaxer into the large masseter muscles to create a slim and more feminine jawline. This can also improve bruxism (tooth grinding).

Bunny Lines (around the nose)

You can see their effect when you scrunch your nose, as if smelling a bad odour. Quite literally, bunny lines can make the nose appear rabbit-like. They become more noticeable as we age, and Botox can be used as an anti-wrinkle treatment to ease the impact of these lines.

Marionette Lines – Downturned Mouth

Whilst they are a natural part of ageing, they are more visible on some people than others. As with other lines and wrinkles, these lines can affect self confidence. Anti-Wrinkle injections are commonly used to reduce the impact of these lines.

Gummy Smile

Injections are a good way to reduce the amount of gum on display, so creating a more natural and less embarrassing appearance on smiling

Cobbled Chin

Although not strictly an area of wrinkles or creases, Botox injections can help to reduce the pin cushion appearance of the chin area.

Nefertiti Face Lift

By using anti-wrinkle treatment on neck lines, the problem can be reduced and the appearance improved, creating a more youthful aspect.

Vertical Lip Lines

Smokers Lines are also called vertical lip lines, or peri-oral lines, and these are lines leading out from the mouth, usually most obvious above the upper lip, giving an old and pursed look to the mouth. Their appearance can be improved with the use of anti-wrinkle injections, as these injections target the area and will reduce the visibility of the lines.